Problem Behaviors

Top Class K-9 Problem Resolution

Private sessions offering problem resolution for you and your dog. The session days and times are somewhat flexible.  We do not offer evening sessions for this program.  Sessions are held at the Top Class K-9 facility.  

Utilizing associative learning protocols we assist the dog in learning coping skills and alternate behaviors.

These sessions are scheduled individually as each dog/handler team has different requirements and each dog learns at a different rate. 

Problems addressed include but are not limited to:

  • Insecurity and fear **EXCEPT aggression 
  • Housetraining problems  – only available in private lessons – not Board and Train
  • Excessive excitability and unruly behaviors
  • Ring issues for competition obedience
  • Dogs running off – Recall problems
  • Dogs jumping up on people

If you are unsure if your dog is exhibiting true aggression, please do contact us and we will assist in that determination.


Dogs that exhibit lunging, aggressive barking, growling at other dogs OR PEOPLE while on or off leash

Any type of dog on dog aggression be it in a home setting or elsewhere.

Any type of dog on people aggression.

Any type of destructive separation anxiety.

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