Meet Sylvie!

Sylvie with a dog

Owner and Head Trainer at Top Class K-9 LLC.  Sylvie had trained and competed with many different breeds.  She shares her life with  rescues and breed dogs alike. Sylvie began competing in Obedience, Rally, Trick Dog, Herding, K-9 Nosework and Agility with her rescued and breed dogs, earning many titles in those disciplines.  Her goal is to prove that any dog is capable of demonstrating high levels of skills reliably regardless of their origin. 

She makes learning interesting and fun. Sylvie’s belief is that training is a lifestyle and she will teach you how to engage your dog in learning.   She will also teach you how to utilize your newly learned skills in every day life in order to retain the skill level.

Sylvie has earned Utility degrees in formal obedience on four different American Staffordshire Terriers.  Two of her American Staffordshire Terriers have been invited to the AKC National Obedience Championships in 2018 and 2019.   

She currently is competing in Nosework with her German Shepherd rescue, Finnegan.  Her Australian Shepherd puppy is learning his foundation work so he will be ready to trial in a year in formal obedience.

What Can Top Class K-9 LLC Offer You and Your Dog?

Dogs are individual in their likes, dislikes, fears and learning aptitude. Working with your dog’s specific personality type, utilizing a large variety of techniques, we are able to produce impressive results.

Our Services Include:

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