Frequently Asked Questions

Is the training guaranteed?

Due to the nature of working with animals we cannot guarantee outcome.  Training is a dynamic process and there are too many factors out of our immediate control.  You are in class one hour per week.  We have no control over what happens to the animal in between training sessions.  The outcome of any training program is directly dependent on your compliance and how long you spend on doing your homework assignments, how well you listen in class and apply the instructions taught. 

I am experiencing financial difficulties.  Can I get free or discounted classes?

Regretfully, many people are experiencing financial difficulties in these trying times.  While we empathize, we cannot offer discounts or free training.   There are other providers  who may offer those services and many resources are available on the internet and through books.

I forgot my treats.  Do you have any I can have?

Yes, we are happy to sell you any of our all natural treats and dog food as well as other great products in our store.

What forms of payment do you take?

We take cash, personal checks with valid Texas driver’s license. We also offer credit card payment through Paypal.  There is a small processing fee applied for this service.

I cannot or do not want to keep my dog.  Can you take it or do you know someone who wants it?

Most often people will not want to keep their dogs because the dog is causing problems.  We are happy to set an appointment for a consultation.   We can discuss with you what your challenges are and how we can help you learn to train your dog so it will be a welcome member of your family.

We, however cannot offer rescue services for strays or other unwanted animals as our facility is not equiped to offer that type of service.

Do you do home visits?

No, regretfully, we  no longer offer in-home service.

I just have a few questions.  Can you give me some tips?

We are happy to set an appointment for a consultation.   We will discuss whatever questions you may have and what we have to offer in terms of training options.

Why are your classes more expensive than some other trainers?

We pride ourselves on the quality of our instruction. The limited enrollment exists so that we can offer you a more personal approach and individual attention.  We also offer indoor climate controlled, fully matted facility, canine store and outdoor rings and fields to work in.  You will receive supporting documentation for each lesson to take home with you.

I don’t have time to work with my dog every day.  Will the training still work?

You and your dog will derive as much from the training as you put into it.  Our curriculums are rigorous so that we can ensure that you get your money’s worth.  If you have time constraints, then we are happy to offer a board and train program where the dog remains with us for a 21 day stay and we do the work. You will still be expected to attend the extra private sessions included so that you know how to handle your trained dog.

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