Canine Assessment and Behavioral Profile

The evaluation is a temperament, behavior and aptitude assessment. WE DO NOT OFFER EVALUATIONS FOR AGGRESSION ISSUES. Dogs that exhibit aggressive or reactive behaviors towards people and/or other dogs will not be accepted into any program.  If you are uncertain if your dog’s behavior constitutes aggression, you may email us and we shall assist in that determination.  

Evaluations are also useful for any dog owner who would like a clearer understanding of their dog’s behavior profile and aptitude.

The evaluation includes:

Interview: A discussion with the owners regarding the dog’s environment, containment, nutrition and veterinary care. Question period including, history acquisition, time frames of various behavioral incidents. You will be required to complete and submit an extensive intake questionnaire prior to your appointment.

Testing process: series of testing protocols to gauge the dog’s reaction to various stimuli and the ability to recover as well as the level of recovery.

Emotional and intelligence assessment as relates to the best path for optimal development of the dog.


Evaluation of training: skill level, motivators, stress triggers and relationship to the handler.

Recommendations: Training, management and safe practices recommendations.

Evaluations are offered Monday through Thursday, daytime with occasional availability on Friday.

We often book well in advance.

Evaluations are by appointment only and are conducted here at our facility. An evaluation can take up to two hours. To schedule an evaluation, please click here

**  We no longer handle dogs over 6 month of age with bite histories (this DOES NOT include puppy mouthing or grabbing at people in a playful manner)  or that have exhibited any aggression towards people.  If your dog has already bitten a person or has shown aggression towards people, then please contact one of our colleagues atwww.canineprofessionals.com or www.APDT.com for assistance in finding a trainer to help you.