Walkabout Obedience

Top Class K-9 Walkabout Obedience

Off Leash Dog Training - Fort Worth TX

The objective of this program is to help you learn to handle your dogs in different contexts. We will be working on already known exercises and teaching some new ones.

Each class takes place at a different location within the Burleson/Cleburne Area!  This program is only offered for the January, May and September sessions.

The classes will focus on increasing the dog’s confidence and trust in handler. ThisĀ is a wonderful opportunity for handlers to socialize their dogs and practice existing obedience skills with distractions. This class teaches life skills used every day and is a super prep class for dogs who will be moving into careers such as Therapy/Service/Assistance work.

Prerequisite:  Intermediate level obedience skills or Head trainer approval.

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Any dogs exhibiting any aggressive or reactive behavior MUST undergo an evaluation click here prior to acceptance into any program. Any dog deemed aggressive will not be accepted into group classes.